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Meet our Olivella Premium Face Care Box Set.
Olivella olive oil based face creams each formulated to enhance your skin care routine and the limited edition counterclock serum with olive leaf extract – for a skincare routine that is game changing.

What's in the box:

Our Limited Edition Counterclock Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum – a powerful serum that will reduce fine lines in only 4 weeks – rich in peptides. 

Our best seller:t he Hydra-Moisture Gel Cream. A light textured day cream that is perfect to use as a primer and absorbs easily –contains Centella Asiatica and hyaluronic Acid. 

Our powerful night time cream: the Nourishment Cream is an ultra-thick textured cream rich in emulsified virgin olive oil – if you have dry skin this is a must have. 

The “loved by everyone”: Anti-wrinkle Cream. Everyone uses it, everyone loves it.
Rich in emulsified olive oil, hyaluronic acid, and olive leaf extract – this powerful cream contains active ingredient argireline, a “botox-like” peptide that will tighten your skin.

Our “Look me in the eye”: Olivella Contour Eye Cream. Keep it in the fridge for best results but do not eat it! Yes, it’s 99.9% Natural Origin and it smells divine... but you should use it around the eyes.
This cream is formulated specifically for the delicate eye contour area to help improve dark circles and puffiness.

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